Paint Protection Film In Phoenix Arizona
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PPF & Clear Bra In Phoenix Arizona

Protect your vehicle from the harsh Phoenix roads with our PPF and Clear Bra packages. Only at Gutierrez Window Tint.

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Front End PPF In Phoenix Arizona

front bumper

- Full Front Bumper
- Side Mirrors
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Full Front End PPF In Phoenix Arizona

partial front

- Full Front Bumper - Side Mirrors
- Partial Hood - Partial Fenders
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Entire Front End PPF In Phoenix Arizona

Full Front

- Full Front Bumper - Side Mirrors- Full Hood - Full Fenders
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Full car PPF In Phoenix Arizona

Full CAr

Hood & Roof - Trunk - Fenders - Bumpers - Pillars, Rocker Panels
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Additional PPF Benefits

Benefits to PPF
Scratch Resistant

Drive with confidence knowing you're protected from minor scratches.

Self healing PPF
Self Healing

Our film features self healing properties, simply apply heat and the film will heal!

Clear protection with PPF
Clear Protection

PPF allows for you to protect your paint but still show it off!

Gloss finish with PPF
Extreme Gloss

Not only do you get extreme protection, but an extreme gloss finish too.

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Frequently asked PPF questions

Everything you need to know about Paint Protection Film.
How long does it take to install ppf on my vehicle?
Most full front and partial front packages take 1-2 days for us to install and cure the film. Full vehicle PPF's can take 2-4 days for the film to cure fully.
How long does PPF actually last?
The film installed here at Gutierrez Window Tint is of the highest quality. It comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. When taken care of properly you can expect to get 7+ years out of it no worry. But like anything, it will come with some wear and tear - which means it's doing it job!
Should I choose partial front, full front, or full car?
This will depend on your needs. Partial front is a fantastic option for those looking to protect the most susceptible spot on your vehicle for rock chip damage - your front bumper area. The full front is for those who want to take their paint protection to the next level. Full car PPF is for those who consider their vehicles an investment - being the most expensive package but with 360 degree protection.
Does PPF actually "heal" itself?
Yes! As long as the scratch to your vehicle wasn't deep enough to cut through the film, simply apply some heat and the films healing properties will come back to their original state.
Can I get PPF installed if my car have swirls and paint chips?
PPF CAN be installed if your vehicle has chips or swirls, speak to one of our PPF experts to learn more.
Can I install PPF and a ceramic coating?
Yes! The combination of both ceramic coating and PPF come together to bring your vehicle the strongest barrier of protection against the elements and much more. Speak to one of our reps to learn more.
How much does PPF cost?
PPF prices can vary. It will depend on multiple options such as the vehicles make and model, the package you'd like, installation difficulty, matte or clear film, etc... For the best quote, call or visit one of our team members today.
Can I wash my car after PPF?
We recommend you wait a week to wash your vehicle after the install. This will allow the film to fully cure and stick to your vehicle without the possibility of error. Keep in mind that using certain chemicals will damage your PPF and is not covered by warranty. One of our reps will gladly guide you on washing best methods.
Paint protection film benefits

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