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Are you ready to get your vehicle tinted with the best team in Phoenix? We have over 20 years of experience and are ready to help transform your ride.

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Safety And Color Stability Like Never Before.
When comfort and cost is key, dyed film won’t let you down.
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A mid-grade window film that blends the best of dyed & metallic films.
Add UV protection & improve clarity.
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The Pinnacle Of High Performance Tint.
Designed for maximum UV protection & heat rejection.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about window tinting with us.
Does the window film go on the inside or outside of the car?
Window tinting goes on the inside of the vehicle. We use computer cut programs to ensure a perfect fit every single time.
What are your starting prices?
For our dyed film, two standard front windows will run you about $138 + tax. Starting price will depend on film and vehicle type.
Can I wait or do I have to drop my car off?
You are more than welcomed to wait at our shop while we tint your windows. Most window tint jobs take 1-2 hours at most. We have Wifi, Netflix, restrooms, complimentary water & coffee, as well as snacks for all of our clients.
Is there any type of warranty?
Yes there is. We use XPEL window film which comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, speak to one of our team members!
Do you remove old window film?
Yes we do. Though there is an additional charge for film removal.
Which tint film is best for me?
Each film has different pros and cons. Ceramic tint, though full of benefits, carries a heftier price tag. Metallic film is a great in between and is often times the most popular choice. Dyed tint will get the job done when it comes to blocking stares and bringing you privacy, but often times isn't the best option if you're looking to reduce heat intake into the cabin of your vehicle.
Can I get a demonstration of the films?
Yes! Our shop has multiple tools in place to help you understand the difference in films, materials, etc... to help you make the best decision for you!
Do I have to wash my car before?
Thought not necessary, it is certainly appreciated.! Our team takes care of decontaminating your windows so that the window film has a clear surface to stick to, with no dirt specs, etc... (We are not responsible for any damages due to the car being dirty)
Can you tint dyed windows?
Yes! Usually dyed windows from factory are great for privacy, but film will add an extra barrier of film rejection.
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